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About the Artist

Founder & Pennsylvania-based artist Emily M Wolfson has been an artist all her life, dedicating her efforts to making quality art, painting and prints for the collector. Each design is created from an original piece of art.

The Journey

How It All Began


Growing up in North Jersey, one of 4 sisters, my family would take long car trips. To entertain myself I would bring little bits of paper, scizzors and glue and make miniatures. I loved the idea of creating a little world you could hold in your hand.

Architecture & Baseball


At Washington University for my undergrad architecture degree, I took a plain white baseball and painted an American flag on it. I then continued to paint many different artsy designs onto baseballs.

Hand-Painted Baseballs


Selling hand painted baseballs at craft shows- no one had ever seen anything but white balls before, so they were a big hit.  An article was written about them in a Philadelphia paper and someone contacted me about trying to print my artwork on baseballs.


1994 - now

Unforgettaballs was born!  My printed baseballs appeared on the cover of the Hammacher Schlemer catalog, then Shaper Image, and many other stores that no longer exist today!  For 3 decades Unforgettaballs has sold many thousands of balls a year. Wholesale clients include the Baseball Hall of Fame, and licensing with the Negro Museum as well as others. 

Oil Painting for the First Time


I began creating small quantities of hand painted designs on baseballs. I took a night class in oil painting during COVID and painted what I knew, images from the world around me with a little humorous twist.  Loving this new art form, I continued to practice, and was offered my first gallery show for September 2023.

Merging My Art Worlds


I continue to make new Unforgettaball designs, printed and original hand painted baseballs. But I also branched out into the world of fine art. Not leaving Unforgettaballs, just offering another side to my artwork.

The Secret to My Success


As a single person business, my most valuable commodity is my loyal customer base. Not because they are repeat buyers, but because I could never have built this business without them. I need their view points, their creativity, their sports knowledge and all of their individual expertise that they so generously draw from to help. You may only see my picture on this page, but there is a village behind me.

"Sometimes the best artwork is found in the most unexpected places"

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